Bad Breath: Kids Have It, Too

When you look into the eyes of your precious young one, the words "bad breath" do not pop into your head. Although many people never associate children and bad breath together, the problem does exist. Most of the time, halitosis in children is caused from a buildup of plaque. When a child has poor dental hygiene, their teeth suffer, and their breath begins to develop a smell to it. In addition to at home care, children should visit their pediatric dentist on a regular basis.

How is Children's Bad Breath Diagnosed?

Bad breath is diagnosed through your child's pediatric dental provider. Your child's dentist will examine the inside of your child's mouth and note any problems including tooth decay, cavities, and signs of gum disease. If the dentist believes the bad breath is caused by another condition other than poor dental hygiene or tooth decay, he or she may refer your child for additional testing or to their primary care doctor.

How is Bad Breath Treated in Children?

Bad breath is treated by ensuring that your child properly brushes his or her teeth on a regular basis. Good oral hygiene is the best remedy, and if you and your child are unsure of brushing techniques, your dentist can teach you.

In addition to proper hygiene, children can avoid eating foods with a strong odor such as onions, garlic, and the like.

At-Home Dental Care Tips

Treating bad breath at home is quick, easy, and effective. The first thing you need to do is get on a brushing schedule with your children. Always make sure that your child is brushing his or teeth thoroughly and for the recommended amount of time by your kid's dentist.

After brushing, you should help your child floss his or teeth to ensure no food particles are stuck in their teeth.

Start Caring for Your Child's Teeth Today

Whenever you are in doubt, speak with your child's dental provider. Dental exams are recommended on a regular basis to help catch dental problems and tooth decay early on in life. If your child is suffering from bad breath, a few simple steps can solve the problem.

Remember, at-home care is the first defense against toddler halitosis. Establishing a solid dental routine now guarantees that your child's teeth will continue to develop and stay healthy. Poor dental hygiene leads to severe decay, cavities, and many other dental problems. If you want more help or have other questions, contact a company like Kids Dental Tree.