Tooth Fell Out? Here's How To Save It

There are all sorts of things that can cause a tooth to fall out. You could be in a fight or a car accident, or you could take a nasty fall. Regardless, losing a tooth can be extremely upsetting, and you probably want to do what you can to save it. Although there is a chance that you might need a dental implant after losing a tooth, there is a chance that you can save your real tooth if you take the right action. Follow these steps after losing a permanent tooth to help improve the chances of saving it!

Keep it Moist

The most important thing to do is to keep your tooth moist at all times. If it dries out, there could be severe root damage to the tooth, which would mean that your dentist won't be able to reattach it. Check your first aid kit first; it might have an emergency tooth-saving kit, which is a small container and a special solution that can be used to save your tooth. Your other two options are to put your tooth in a small container full of milk or to carry it in your mouth by holding it in place with your tongue -- just make sure that you don't accidentally swallow it!

See the Dentist Immediately

The longer that you wait to see a dentist, the less of a chance there is that your tooth can be saved. Therefore, don't wait until you can get an appointment with your regular dentist. Instead, you need to look for an emergency dentist. An emergency dentist will be able to see you at pretty much any time of the night or day, so if your tooth falls out late at night, on the weekend or on a holiday, you will be able to get the care that you need as soon as possible. Then, your emergency dentist can take steps to potentially reattach your tooth.

Losing a tooth can be a truly traumatic experience. Not only can it be traumatic for your mouth, but it can also be traumatic for you mentally and emotionally. You are probably really worried about losing your tooth forever, but there is a chance that you can save your tooth if you act fast. Make sure that you follow the above-mentioned tips, and your emergency dentist should be able to help you by reattaching your tooth. Otherwise, you may need to look into a dental implant to replace your permanent tooth. For more information on dental emergencies, talk to the professionals at William C. Gardner, DDS, PA.