How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Replace The Need For A Facelift

As you begin to age, you will probably notice your cheeks begin to become hollow and your face becomes shorter. This is what creates wrinkles and fine lines in your face. Because of this, many people turn to a facelift procedure to help them appear younger and to get rid of those wrinkles. However, if you are interested in a less invasive procedure that can help you look younger in a more natural way, you may choose to visit your cosmetic dentist. Here's how your cosmetic dentist is going to replace your need for a facelift:

Cosmetic Dentists can Reduce Effects of Aging:

First off, your cosmetic dentist can provide teeth whitening procedures that are effective and quick. A brighter smile always makes one appear more youthful. On top of this, your cosmetic dentist can replace or reshape worn molars. How does this help? With bulkier molars in the back of your mouth, it can help bring the shape back into your sunken in cheeks. When you're younger, you have full molars that help to shape your face, so while these become worn, and your face becomes shorter, it has profound effects on how much older you appear. 

Cosmetic Dentistry is More Natural:

Although you may want a facelift, you may also be against it because it is so invasive and can be a high-risk surgery for you. Luckily, you have more options than just a face lift. With cosmetic dentistry work, your dentist is essentially only correcting what nature has failed to do for you, which is to keep your teeth white and healthy. If you have any chance of losing your teeth, your dentist will also provide implants, which are matched to the color of the rest of your teeth and is a low-risk procedure you can expect excellent and natural results from. On top of this, you will not only achieve many oral health benefits which will make you look younger, but you will also prolong your life. 

If you notice signs of aging, give a cosmetic dentist like Roy B. Guster DDS PC a call. He or she can significantly reduce these signs and make you appear more youthful with a number of different treatment options such as teeth whitening, replacing molars, and using dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry work, unlike a facelift procedure, will not take away anything by cutting skin and having to tighten areas of your mouth, but instead will add significant beauty much more naturally.