Find Out The Easiest Way To Help Your Child Lose Their Tooth

When it's time for your child to lose their teeth, you may think that you are going to have to help a stubborn tooth to get out of their mouth. There are always the jokes about strings and doorknobs, car bumpers, or even arrows to get a stubborn tooth out. However, you pulling your child's tooth out may not be the best solution. Before you try taking out a stubborn tooth, there are other things that you should do first. 

Let Your Child Fiddle With It

You've probably told your child to stop messing with their loose tooth. Your parents probably told you the same thing when you had loose teeth. However, playing with the loose tooth may actually be the best thing for it. There are a few reasons for this. One is that if a tooth isn't ready to come out, it can be painful to mess with it. If you were to try to pull it out then, it would hurt your child. So, by letting them play with it, you are actually gauging how loose the tooth is. 

Another reason to let your child play with the tooth is because that will help the tooth fall out faster. Wiggling it and fiddling with it can help the root loosen the tooth from the socket. Once it's loose enough, it should pretty much fall out on its own. If you are worried that it could hurt your child if they accidentally swallow their tooth because it's so loose, don't worry. It won't hurt them at all. 

Do It Quickly

If your child does ask you to pull their very loose tooth for them, it's best to do it quickly. One reason is that your child won't get nervous about it that way. Another reason is that you will eliminate the risk of any pain that may happen. What you should do is get a tissue, and ask them to act like they are sneezing. You can pull the tooth as they are "sneezing." The movement of their head will help the tooth come out. Put a tissue or a piece of gauze in their mouth immediately, just in case they bleed. 

See a Dentist

If the tooth is really bothering your child, or you see another tooth coming up behind the baby tooth, you need to see a pediatric dentist. The dentist may need to intervene and do something to help the tooth fall out. That includes numbing the area and extracting the tooth. 

In most cases, your child's tooth will fall out with no problems. Before you start pulling it out for your child, see if nature will work the way it should and if the tooth will fall out without your help.