Covering The Cost Of Your Child's Braces

With the average cost of a set of typical metal braces ranging over $5,000 it can be hard for a family to absorb that cost. There are options available that can make it easier, though it's important that you make yourself aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. During your search for the best deal it's important that you recognize all the facts and any hoops you might need to jump through along the way.

Payment Plans

Not everyone can plunk down $5,000 in one shot, and many orthodontists have seen this. In an effort to make that cost easier to absorb many have partnered with financing companies to make that cost easier to spread over a longer timeline. This makes it possible to make an initial payment for your child's braces, and spread the rest of the cost out over time, much like a loan or a credit card.

On its face, the idea of a payment plan for large dental expenses like braces can sound great. Like any financing option though it's important that you pay attention to the fine print, because this isn't free money. Like any form of credit, there are finance charges, fees and interest rates that all factor into the final cost, which can actually increase the final price you pay.

Upgrading Insurance

Trading up on your insurance can help you cover a large portion of the cost of orthodontia, reducing your out of pocket expense as a result. However, there are often restrictions and limitations placed on who is covered, and there may be limitations based on how long you've had that plan. As with financing options, make sure you're paying attention to the details included in your plan to make sure you're not setting yourself up for a nasty surprise.

Common restrictions include the age of the patient, which can make such plans useless for adults, or may require you to have paid premiums for a pre-determined length of time. Make sure that the coverage amount will be enough to make treatment affordable, and that you have covered any deductible before trying to make use of this coverage. There may also be referrals or demonstrable medical necessities required by your insurance provider as well.

There are a number of ways to relieve some of the financial burden associated with braces, but none of them equate to a free lunch. The most common simply make it easier to afford, while still requiring that you pay some of the cost. Making the most informed decision possible will require you to do your own research and make a plan that works for you.

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