3 Reasons Choosing Implants Over Dentures Is A Major Confidence Booster

When given the option to replace numerous missing or decaying teeth, you may lean towards having dentures. Their convenience and lower cost make dentures an attractive option, but they are rarely the best of the two choices. There are several important reasons you should invest in having implants, especially if you want to improve or maintain your confidence.

Maintain Your Facial Structure

Even with dentures, you will likely experience some degree of changes in your facial structure if you have few natural teeth remaining. It is often less noticeable when your dentures are in place, but the changes in your facial structure, such as sunken cheeks, can make you feel insecure without their dentures. Additionally, dentures do nothing to maintain the integrity of your underlying bone. This can make future attempts at placing implants difficult or impossible because the bone will decrease in density over time. The process of placing abutments in the bone helps encourage new bone to grow and fuse around the implant. Additionally, having a full set of teeth continuously will prevent significant distortion of your facial features.

Reduce Awkward Dental Mishaps

Although it is possible for a dental implant to loosen from the abutment, this situation is rare and much less embarrassing than losing a full set of dentures. There are many retail products available to improve the fit of dentures, such as gels and adhesives, but there is no way to be certain your dentures will remain secure during everyday activities. Some people who have dentures deal with continual worry about the security of their dentures. This can turn talking, laughing, or eating into an anxiety-provoking experience. Any amount of anxiety regarding dentures may lead to isolating yourself from others. In addition to improving your dental health, having a new set of teeth should instill confidence not anxiety.

Speak Clearly

During and shortly after the process of having implants, your speech may change and you may have to adapt to the feeling of the implants in your mouth. Fortunately, the size and location of implants are consistent, making it easier to return to your normal ways of speaking. In some cases, dentures can make it more difficult to speak clearly, often due to dentures that shift around as you try to speak. Since the fit of your dentures can change over time, you may experience frequent issues with enunciating words or develop a lisp. Not only can changes in your speech affect you socially, but it is also problematic if verbal communication is an important part of your job.

Your options for replacing missing teeth will depend on various factors, especially your overall health. When you have the choice between dentures and implants, you may want to choose the best option to help you maintain your confidence. Contact a dental clinic like Silverstone  Family Dental for more information.