Benefits Dental Implants Have Over Standard Dentures

If you have some teeth missing, and you wish to improve your appearance with assistance from your dentist, you may want to consider having a dental implant procedure. This is a surgical process where metal rods are inserted into your gums and fused into your bone structure. Porcelain teeth will then be applied to the ends of the rods protruding from your gums. After you heal, there are several benefits you will enjoy from these new implants. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider getting dental implants to repair your smile.

No Embarrassing Slippage Situations 

When someone wears dentures, there is always the risk of them slipping out of place at an inopportune time. With implants, this is not a concern. You will be able to bite into your food and talk to others without worrying that your teeth will slide off your gums, causing you great embarrassment. There is also no need to use adhesive to keep your teeth in place as you would with dentures. When adhesive fails, the dentures are not secure, possibly causing the risk of slippage.

No Pain To Deal With

After someone wears dentures for several hours, they may find that their gums become sore. This would require that the dentures are taken out so the mouth has a chance to rest. With implants, there is no inflammation of the gums from excessive wear. The only pain one will feel is slight discomfort after the surgical procedure to have the implants placed.

No Restriction On Food Choices

Implants allow the user to eat what they want when they want. The implants are securely fused to the metal rods, making it safe for the consumption of hard or chewy foods if desired. When someone wears dentures, biting into a hard or chewy food item can cause the dentures to dislodge from their location. Most people will stay away from foods like apples, steak, and caramel for this reason.  

No Risk Of Being Found Out

Some people find that when they wear dentures, people are able to tell that they have false teeth in their mouth. The facial features are slightly altered when someone wears dentures. This is because the muscles in the face tend to become tense as they keep the dentures in place. When you wear implants, no one will be able to tell that some of your teeth are not real. There is no portion to cover your gums, making your smile appear natural. Your dentist will match the porcelain color to any existing teeth, giving you a smile to show with pride. Contact a company like Gordon Dental to learn more.