3 Tips For Choosing Fillings That Match Your Child's Temporary Teeth

Early childhood tooth decay is common in a number of children. This often happens because of poor dental habits. Children will often eat sweets and other foods, but the foods are not properly removed from the surface of their teeth. As a result, they will eventually require fillings. If they are still fairly young, then they may still have their temporary teeth. It can be tricky deciding on fillings for these teeth, since they are not permanent. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to make the process a little easier.

Consider Getting Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are by far one of the most affordable ways for people to get fillings that match their natural teeth. This is especially true for young children. The fillings will match the color of their teeth now but won't need to last forever, since the teeth will fall out. If your child plans to have composite fillings for a few years, then you should get fillings that match the exact color of their teeth.

Consider Your Child's Diet

The color of a filling will remain the same regardless of whether your child gets an amalgam, composite, or porcelain one. However, your child's natural teeth will vary in color. Depending on their diet, they may see their teeth become darker or brighter. This can be difficult to adjust to if you get a filling that matches their current teeth. Therefore, take your child's diet into consideration when choosing a filling. If your child is in love with dark beverages and foods, then get a filling that is a shade darker. If your child loves vegetables and sticks to water, then consider a slightly lighter shade.

Consider How Long Your Child Will Have the Fillings Installed

Depending on when your child gets their fillings installed, they may need them for several years, or may only need them for a year. Knowing how long your child will wear the fillings until their temporary teeth fall out will allow you to choose the filling better. If it is only a short-term, then whether or not the filling matches your child's tooth may not be such a big deal. Children that may not need to wear the filling too long can settle for an amalgam filling, while long-term wearers may want to consider a composite or porcelain filling.

Temporary teeth are only temporary. Therefore, you shouldn't stress over finding the perfect filling for these teeth. Use these tips to help make the process easier. For more information, contact a dental clinic like Dentistry For Children.