Signs A Tooth Should Be Extracted

Everyone has dental problems from time to time. Sometimes, these problems are simple things, like a minor cavity that can be filled. Other times, however, the problem is more serious, such as severe decay. In cases of very serious dental problems, the best thing to do is often to have the tooth extracted. And, while a dentist is the only person who can ultimately determine whether a tooth needs to be extracted or not, there are typically some tell-tale indicators that tooth extraction may be the best option.

The Tooth is Impacted

Many people think that decay is the only reason to have a tooth pulled. And, while it is true that decay is a common reason for extraction, it's definitely not the only one. Another common reason for extraction, in fact, is an impacted tooth.

Impaction occurs when a tooth grows in the wrong direction or gets pushed that way by other teeth. In any case, when a tooth is impacted, it can't perform the function it was intended to. And, unless a dentist can correct its position, which is unlikely, it will need to be extracted.

If you think you may have an impacted tooth, be sure to visit a dentist to determine how best to proceed.

The Tooth is Majorly Decayed

As mentioned earlier, tooth decay is definitely one of the major reasons that teeth get pulled.

Sometimes, when decay has not progressed very far, a tooth can be salvaged with a filling. Other times, however, when the decay is very advanced, pulling the tooth may be the best option. Only a dentist can make the call about "how far gone" a tooth is, but, generally, if you notice marked discoloration, missing pieces of the tooth, or gum tenderness around the tooth, it's time for it to go.

The Tooth is Infected

Tooth infection is often related to tooth decay. When a tooth has been infected and left untreated for far too long, this can easily lead to infection of the pulp of the tooth. When this happens, a dentist will almost always suggest extracting the tooth.

What's more is that, because tooth infection can spread throughout the mouth, the infected tooth will need to be removed quickly to prevent further problems. Thus, definitely do not delay if you have an infected tooth.

In fact, with all of these symptoms, the sooner you take action and get them checked out by a dentist, the better.