Three Reasons To Take Your Child To A Dentist After Accidentally Losing A Tooth

Losing a tooth while playing a sport can leave your child feeling very self-conscious about their smile. When this happens, you need to take your child to the dentist right away to have the area looked and make sure that no major damage was done to their mouth. The following guide walks you through a few reasons why a trip to a dentist after an accidental tooth loss is so important.

Ensure that No Major Damage Was Done to Other Areas of Your Child's Face

Many parents make the mistake of assuming that if their child loses a baby tooth it is not a big deal and there is no reason for their child to see a dentist since an adult tooth will grow in its place. However, there could be other issues caused by the premature loss of a tooth. For example, there are some teeth that are directly connected to the nasal cavity. If the tooth is removed before it is ready, this can cause an opening to be made in the nasal cavity which can be painful and cause serious issues for your child.

Ensure Your Child's Teeth Do Not Become Crooked

If the tooth was lost too early, the other teeth in your child's mouth may start to push together, which can lead to his or her teeth becoming crooked. A dentist will be able to look at x-rays of the teeth to determine if a new one will be popping through the gums in the near future, or if a spacer needs to be put in place to keep the teeth from pushing together.

A Dental Implant May Need to Be Placed in Your Child's Mouth

There are many times when parents lose track of which of their children's teeth are baby teeth and which are adult teeth. Your child may have actually lost a tooth that was an adult tooth. Rather than your child walking around with a gap in their mouth, a dentist can have an exact replica of the tooth that they lost made and implanted into their mouth. If you feel that an implant is too invasive for them at their current age, the dentist can make a flipper, a removable partial denture, for your child to wear temporarily.

The dentist will be able to determine the severity of the situation very quickly. This will allow you to rest assured that your child will be able to return to smiling happily as soon as possible and not feel self-conscious about themselves for any longer than necessary.