Gums Feeling Swollen? Try These Home Remedies

Is part of your gums feeling painful and swollen? Do they frequently bleed when you brush your teeth? If so, this is a problem that you should start treating right away. It is possible to reduce the discomfort and inflammation with some home remedies. Try these to see if they improve the discomfort in your gums.

Cold Compresses

One method that anybody can do is to apply a cold compress to the area, which should reduce the pain that you are feeling and inflammation. Simply take a washcloth and soak it under cold water, then wring out the water, and place the cloth directly on the gums. The reason that you want to use cold water is because it is much better at treating discomfort and inflammation than hot temperatures. In fact, you should avoid a hot compress, since that is better for muscle strains.

Saltwater Rinse

A quick method to reduce swelling is to make a saltwater rinse. All you need to do is fill a small glass with some warm water, then add a little bit of salt, and stir it around until it completely dissolves. Take a sip of the saltwater solution, and hold it in your mouth in the area that is causing you trouble. You can add some more salt to your water if you feel like it's not working.

Turmeric Mixture

You may have heard of a yellow powder called turmeric, which comes from small ginger plants. Turmeric has curcumin in it, which is an ingredient that can reduce pain and inflammation, as well as prevent bacteria from spreading. Simply mix one part water to one part turmeric, then mix it altogether until it's a fairly even consistency.

You can apply the mixture directly to your gums using cotton swabs. Dip the cotton in the mixture, place it against your gums, and hold it in place until you start noticing less discomfort. When finished, use water to rinse out the mixture.

By following the previous tips, your gums will start feeling better. However, it is best to visit a dentist to have the problem inspected further. You could be dealing with a much bigger problem with gum disease, which you will want to have professionally treated. While you cannot reverse the damage that has been caused, you can prevent it from getting worse by managing your condition if it is the early stages of gum disease.

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