Which Flossing Method Makes Your Teeth Care Routine Easier And More Enjoyable?

One of the most important things you can do for your teeth is to brush and floss them as directed by your dentist. With good oral care, you can often avoid cavities and the need for fillings and root canals. Flossing is sometimes difficult and inconvenient to do. However, you have a few choices in flossing equipment so you can choose a method that you're most likely to use every day. Here are some flossing options.

Manual Flossing

If you have trouble flossing because the floss gets caught between your teeth or because the floss won't fit, then you can try a different type of floss. There are waxed and unwaxed versions available. You can buy floss made from different materials and even in different shapes when you choose dental tape rather than traditional floss. All these options give you the chance to try different products until you find floss that works well with the shape of your teeth.

If you don't like to use string floss, you can buy disposable picks with floss on them that are convenient and easy to use. You can carry them with you and use them more discreetly than you could pull a long string between your teeth. Floss also comes in different flavors, and choosing a flavor you enjoy might entice you to floss more often.

Electric Flossers

Electric flossers are often more enjoyable and easier to use. These use a stream of water or air and water together to floss your teeth. This type of flossing is ideal when you have braces or other dental work that makes it difficult to floss your teeth. An electric flosser is also a good option if you don't have strength in your hands for flossing. This type of flossing might even be a good choice when you have gum disease since the stream of water can clean out pockets where your gums are pulling away from your teeth.

Before you rely on an electric water or air flosser completely, talk to your dentist. An electric flosser may not remove plaque as well as manual flossing. The best option might be to combine manual and electric flossing so you can choose the method that's right for the moment rather than skipping the floss.

Electric flossers come in different styles. A common choice is one that sits on the counter and connects to a small tank of water. However, you can also buy a portable electric flosser that opens so you can fill the handle with mouthwash or water. These are great for traveling and they allow you to freshen your breath at the same time as you floss.

While flossing is very important for teeth care, it's just part of a routine that's needed to keep your teeth healthy. You also need to brush regularly to remove plaque, have your teeth cleaned to remove tartar, and have checkups from your dentist to monitor for cavities and gum disease.