How to Prepare Your Teen for Braces

When your teenager has to get braces, several insecurities can rise to the surface. They are in those formative years where they may be self-conscious and concerned about the impression they make on others. There are a few ways you can put their mind at ease, including the following tips. 

Help Your Teenager Focus on the Benefits

If the thought of getting braces is making your teenager feel afraid or just extremely nervous you should use the opportunity to remind them of the benefits that they will get. Remind them of the improvement in their smile that will come at the end. Straight teeth will make them less self-conscious when they smile. Remind them that many people have gotten braces in the past so they are not alone.

Prepare Your Teen for Some Discomfort

There will be some discomfort when braces are installed. Your teenager is likely to feel pressure on their teeth as the braces are put on the teeth. Their mouth will feel a bit sore for a few days. All of these things are likely to be said by your orthodontist but it helps if it is also said by you as a parent beforehand.

Remind Your Teenager How to Eat

You will likely have to remind your teenager that hard foods are going to be off-limit for a few days. Foods that are sugary and also drinks that have a high sugar content will not be allowed for the first few days. Stock up on soft food so that they will always have those available at all times. Foods such as mashed potatoes, ice-cream, smoothies, and yogurt are all good choices.

Stock Up on Pain Reliever

You should also ensure that you are stocked up on over the counter pain relievers. It is always a good idea to have these on hand before the procedure. If soreness or discomfort increases instead of decreasing, the best thing to do is to call your doctor and advise them of the situation since prolonged discomfort is a bit unusual.

If you are looking to get braces for a teenager who is feeling apprehensive about getting them, you should do your best to put their mind at ease. Try to help them to focus on all the positives that will occur once the braces are taken off. This should help them overcome any feelings of insecurity about having braces. Contact an orthodontist to learn more about braces