What to Know About Tongue Ties

Does your child have a condition known as tongue tie? If so, this is actually something that your dentist can help with by performing a frenectomy. Here is what you need to know about this condition and the procedure that fixes it.

What Is a Tongue Tie?

Your child may have some tissues that attached their tongue to their bottom jaw that is thicker or prominent than normal. For some children, this tissue extends all the way to the tip of their tongue, which limits the amount of movement the tongue has and restricts it to the floor of the mouth. 

What Problems Will a Tongue Tie Cause?

The tongue needs a lot of freedom for eating and talking, which is why it needs to be addressed. If your child is really young, you may notice that they are having problems eating and forming good suction when breastfeeding, which can lead to them not getting the amount of milk that they need. As they get older, the restrictions that their tongue has can cause problems with forming the sounds they need for speaking. 

Can a Tongue Tie Cause Pain or Discomfort?

Sometimes a child doesn't realize how uncomfortable a tongue tie can be due to them simply not knowing any better. In most situations, they'll have discomfort while brushing because they cannot move their tongue out of the way to get behind their teeth and brush them properly. This can lead to a lack of proper oral health where those teeth are more likely to have problems with plaque building up behind the teeth along the gums since they can't properly get their brush in there.

Who Can Perform a Frenectomy?

Your child is never too young to get a frenectomy performed, and your doctor will likely refer you to a pediatric dentist to have this procedure performed. It's a simple procedure that can be done in a single office visit, and a dentist can handle it all for you. They can even address a similar problem known as a lip tie, where the upper lip has extra tissue that attaches it to their gums as well.

If you have questions about your child's specific situation, reach out to services like New England Dental Specialists of Norwood for more information. They can perform an exam on your child, let you know if there is a problem that they see, and recommend the proper steps to correct it.