What Factors Are Considered When Calculating The Cost Of Dental Implants?

Most all dental procedures come with a cost. Even with dental insurance coverage, many procedures can add up. If you are considering dental implants to replace some of your teeth, you should know approximately what it costs before you decide to move forward. There are several different factors that determine the overall cost of the procedure. To determine cost, consider these questions.

How Many Teeth Are Being Replaced?

If you only have one tooth to replace with a dental implant, the cost may not be as high as you think. However, if you need many dental implants, the procedure will be more expensive. Dental implants are placed surgically in each tooth socket. The materials needed for the procedure as well as the time it takes to place the implants will be one determining factor in calculating the final cost of your dental implants.

Do You Have Bone Loss?

Some patients who have been missing teeth for a while may have lost some of the bone structure within the jaw. If this happens, you will need a bone graft before a dental implant can be placed. This is a separate procedure from dental implant surgery but has to occur in order for you to get your teeth replaced. You would need to account for the cost of the bone graft in your final total dental implant expense.

Do You Need to Have Teeth Removed?

If you are replacing a tooth that is already missing from your mouth, the dental implant can be placed without any other intervention. However, if your tooth is still in place, it will have to be extracted before a dental implant procedure. The cost of the removal any existing teeth will be a part of your overall costs.

Do You Suffer from Gum Disease?

Gum disease can have a negative impact on dental implants. If left unattended, your dental implants could ultimately fail when you have gum disease. You will need to seek periodontal treatment and heal your gums before you can get dental implants.

Which Dental Implant Procedure Do You Need?

There are several ways to approach a dental implant procedure. Some procedures require general anesthesia while others can be done while you are away. You may have to have your dental implants done in a hospital or surgical setting, or you might be able to have the procedure in the office. All of these different factors will determine the bottom line of your final bill for dental implants.