When Should You Visit Your Family Dentist?

Did you know dental problems can lead to tooth loss and esteem issues? Teeth loss can affect your speech and appearance, and that's why you should never ignore any dental problem. Failure to seek treatment means that the problem will only worsen with time and perhaps cause irreversible damage. To that end, it is advisable to visit a trusted family dentist if you are exhibiting any of the following signs.

Inflamed or Bleeding Gums

Gum disease is the first thing that should cross your mind the moment you suffer bleeding gums. The bleeding tends to happen when brushing or flossing. Gum disease usually starts with gingivitis, a problem that leads to inflammation of the gum. Seeking treatment at this stage prevents the infection from spreading. Though this might not sound like a big deal, it can prevent you from undergoing dental surgery or other invasive procedures.

With that in mind, you need to book an appointment with a competent family dentist if your gums are inflamed or bleeding. The same applies if your gum seems retracted from your teeth since this is a sign of advanced gum disease. With time, the retraction can make your teeth appear bigger than normal and increase the chances of infection after exposing the underlying sections.

Loose Teeth

It is normal for a child to experience loose teeth at some point since this paves the way for the growth of permanent teeth. The same cannot be said of adults since they have already passed that stage. Therefore, if you have loose teeth, you need to see a reputable dentist right away. Doing so can be all it takes to prevent tooth loss, which can affect your self-esteem.

Poor dental hygiene might be the reason why your teeth are loose. Failure to floss or brush regularly leads to tartar buildup that eventually progresses to gum disease. Infections caused by gum disease can then result in bone deterioration, explaining why teeth become loose.

The good news is that an experienced dentist can remove the tartar using methods such as scaling. They might even prescribe antibiotics to deal with dental infections.

Cracked Tooth

Apart from causing sensitivity and pain, a cracked tooth can serve as an entry route for bacteria. If you notice minor cracks, you might contract infections that can complicate the problem

If you or your loved ones have cracked or loose teeth, there's no doubt that you need to consult with a seasoned family dentist before the situation worsens. The same goes if your gums are inflamed or bleeding. Choose a reliable family dentist who is dedicated to meeting your family's oral health needs.

For more information, contact a family dentistry service.