Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dental Implants

Dentists use dental implants surgeries to replace damaged or lost teeth. Dental implants involve surgical replacements of lost teeth by securing the implants to your jaw. Because dental implants are an option, you don't need to worry when experiencing tooth decay or tooth loss.

Advantages of Tooth Implants

Enhances Your Appearance

Dental implants resemble normal human teeth. When you have tooth implants, you improve your appearance by no longer having badly aligned teeth. You can also fix missing teeth gaps using dental implants and restore your wholesome smile.

Eases Eating

When you lose your tooth, sometimes it becomes difficult to chew food. Dental implants make chewing easier, and you can resume your normal eating routine. However, avoid chewing hard items such as ice cubes to prevent injuring your dental implants.

Promotes Good Oral Health

Unlike when you have decaying teeth, tooth implant replacements play a huge role in maintaining your mouth hygiene. For example, you'll find it easier to brush and floss your teeth. In addition, when you replace decaying teeth with dental implants, you also eliminate bacteria plaque that can spread to your other teeth.

Facilitates Smooth Speech

Poorly fixed teeth make it difficult to speak, causing you to slur your words. When you have professionally done tooth implants, your communication improves. You can talk clearly and with confidence.

Offers Relatively Low Costs of Maintenance

After a tooth implant, the only maintenance you'll need is good oral care. This means you'll need to brush your teeth at least two times a day. Also, have your regular dental checkups. You'll find this routine more affordable than before you got the dental implants.

Disadvantages of Tooth Implants

Prolonged Recovery Time

Tooth implant surgeries take a longer time to recover from. In addition, dental implant surgery isn't the quickest method to replace your lost tooth. As a result, you might have to look for other treatment options if you need a quick fix for your missing tooth.

High Chances of Failure

The failure rate of tooth implants is between 5% and 10%. So when you're looking to have a dental implant, go to highly skilled professionals to minimize the chances of the implants failing.


Tooth implants provide a modern solution to solving troubles caused by tooth decay and lost teeth. Visiting a highly qualified dentist will prove vital to procuring a successful tooth implant surgery.

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