3 Ways Dental Implants Are Helping Denture Wearers

Dentures have been used for countless years to replace missing natural teeth. However, in recent years, the use of dental implants has been paired with the use of dentures in order to help denture wearers overcome some of the biggest disadvantages associated with denture use. In this article, you can learn more about three of the ways in which dental implants are helping denture wearers. Taking the time to continue reading below can help you to determine if the use of implant-supported dentures could be helpful to you as well.

#1: Dental Implants Help To Minimize Bone Loss Associated With Extracting Natural Teeth

When natural teeth are extracted in order to allow for denture use, this extraction can result in the loss of density in the jawbone. This is the result of the empty tooth sockets left behind after the extraction begins to close. This can impact the overall strength of the jaw and can even change the shape of a person's jawline. The use of dental implants to support dentures helps to minimize this type of bone loss. Rather than leaving the tooth socket empty, a dental implant will take the place of a root within the empty socket. Since this socket has been filled by the implant, the socket will not be able to close. 

#2: Dental Implants Help To Make Dentures More Secure

One of the biggest issues that many denture wearers experience is that it is difficult to keep their dentures securely in place throughout the entire day. While adhesive creams can help with this problem, the use of these adhesives may need to be reapplied throughout the day and can be rather inconvenient to use. Dental implants eliminate this issue altogether. Since implant-supported dentures click into place on top of multiple implants which are anchored in the jaw, individuals who wear implant-supported dentures will never need to worry about their dentures becoming loose throughout the day. This allows them to talk and eat with a greater level of confidence knowing that their dentures will stay in place. 

#3: Dental Implants Help To Improve The Bite Strength Of Denture Wearers

Traditional dentures rely on the gums in order to provide support. This often means a significantly reduced bite strength that can make it difficult to tear or chew tougher foods. Dental implants take this burden of support off of the gums and allow strength to be provided by the jaw. This can greatly improve the bite strength of denture wearers. 

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