Do Dental Implants Ever Fail?

A dental implant is an ideal option for tooth replacement. If one or more of your permanent teeth are missing, dental implants are a permanent replacement option that will most likely last for the rest of your life with proper care and maintenance. However, there are instances in which a dental implant may fail. Here are some things you need to know: Are Dental Implants Commonly Rejected? A dental implant is not a part of your body.

What Factors Are Considered When Calculating The Cost Of Dental Implants?

Most all dental procedures come with a cost. Even with dental insurance coverage, many procedures can add up. If you are considering dental implants to replace some of your teeth, you should know approximately what it costs before you decide to move forward. There are several different factors that determine the overall cost of the procedure. To determine cost, consider these questions. How Many Teeth Are Being Replaced? If you only have one tooth to replace with a dental implant, the cost may not be as high as you think.

What to Know About Tongue Ties

Does your child have a condition known as tongue tie? If so, this is actually something that your dentist can help with by performing a frenectomy. Here is what you need to know about this condition and the procedure that fixes it. What Is a Tongue Tie? Your child may have some tissues that attached their tongue to their bottom jaw that is thicker or prominent than normal. For some children, this tissue extends all the way to the tip of their tongue, which limits the amount of movement the tongue has and restricts it to the floor of the mouth.